Can I use FreePBX to covert T1 to SIP

Can I use FreePBX to covert T1 to SIP?

Yes, either directory using a T1 card, or by using a T1 SIP gateway.

Although, if you use the T1 gateway, there will be no conversion left for Asterisk to do, so is you primary need a PABX, or is it just a gateway?

What ‘channelization’ is the T1 carrying?

Hi all,

Let me clarify the question. I would like to explore the freepbx feature, the first one is to be a t1 gateway converter, the existing pabx only provide the t1 channel, so i would like to covert the t1 signal to sip signal then the client can using the sip client software to make outgoing call or incoming call.

is that working?

many thanks.

Asterisk can ‘bridge’ channels but not ‘convert’ them, you can ‘route’ a call coming in on one technology to go out on another, Asterisk will always be in the middle of that connection.

In the real world, you can probably do what you want, if you google for ’ Asterisk legacy pbx integration’ you will likely find your particular flavor and recipes for handling voicemails and dial patterns between the two systems

Many thanks for your reply.

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