Can I use a Cisco SPA112 to get out-to and in-from the PSTN?

Hi, very new to Asterisk and FreePBX so very likely I’m not yet using the right phase/language…

I have a Cisco SPA112, line 1 has my UK PSTN line direct from the BT phone socket, line 2 has a simple analogue phone in it and I have a couple of SIP clients on desktops and smartphones.

I am wanting to route incoming PSTN calls using the SPA112 into my Asterisk/FreePBX, apply any IVR/Call Flow/Voicemail as desired and onward route to a SIP extension in my home. (Also want the reverse but will tackle that later). I’ve succeeded in getting my extensions to call one-another including that of the analogue phone on the SPA112 but haven’t succeeded in getting a PSTN call through to a SIP extension.

The first question I have is…“have I got the correct hardware?” aka is the Cisco SPA112 the right device to achieve what I want?

Assuming I have got the correct hardware…any pointers on the solution would help but fully appreciate I need to RTFM so advice on the key words I need to research would really help?

So far I have created an extension (9999) and configured the Line1 (PSTN) on my SPA112 to sign into this extension. I’ve also created an Inbound Route and mapped this to my ext9999, the DID number being the same as what BT have issued me for the phone line.

I’m googling like mad but not find anything that helps :frowning:

(I’m running Asterisk 11 with FreePBX 2.11 in an Ubuntu 12.04.3 VM.)



No it has two goes outta’s (FXS ports)

FXO’s are goes into’s

You need an SPA3102 for 1 in and 1 out

As SkykingOH noted, the SPA112 is not compatible with a BT (or other POTS) line connection. The voltage from the BT line might have physically damaged the SPA’s Line 1 port; if still connected, unplug it now. You can use the SPA112 to connect two independent analogue extensions to your PBX.

In addition to the SPA3102, popular adapters with 1 each FXS and FXO ports include the Obihai OBi110 and Grandstream HT503. Some users have reported echo problems with the 3102, though mine causes no trouble.

Thanks both, have RMA’d the 112 and expecting my 3102 any day now.