Can I set rules for an inbound call based on the caller's number?

Hi all,

I have a few Inbound Routes were I specify DID behavior. Basically, all calls to a specific number first hit a Time Condition, then hit different IVRs.

Is there a way I can add in the ability to route a call to skip IVRs or go directly to a Ring Group if the caller’s number matches a number?

The use case is our alarm company wants to be able to call our number and not have to go through voice prompts or recordings to reach us. I know it would be easier to just grab another DID to dedicate, but we’re trying to avoid that.


Two approaches. If there are a small number of CID numbers to get this treatment, you can create one inbound route for each CID (or CID pattern), just populate the CID field with whatever number you need. If there are a lot of numbers, something like Dynamic Routes or the AllowList module would be more efficient.

So do I create a 2nd Inbound route for the same DID but specify a CID, and if it doesn’t match, will it know to use the other route?

Yes, exactly this.

Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I was on the right track…

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