Can I "rm *" in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor?

Okay, after doing a bunch more reading on call recording, I find that on-demand recording of outgoing calls is problematic because of the way Asterisk names the files. The problem occurs when visiting the User Portal/Call Monitor, where outgoing calls recorded with *1 may not appear:

I have a bunch of WAV files in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor (because I was testing and had no idea they were being created).

Can I “rm *” in this directory on the server to get a clean start? There isn’t anything I need to keep.

Or if I do that, will I screw-up the entries in the Call Monitor where the recording icon does appear because I was sometimes using the “record always” option (which does work properly).

I’m not sure how the database that links to these files is handled, I don’t want to screw-up that database. I’m kinda hoping that if I just delete all the files, the Call Monitor will just show that there are no recordings for any of the calls and no inconsistencies in the underlying database will result.

Some posts indicated it was okay to delete these. After deleting them, I found the icons for listening to the recording were now gone from the Call Monitor. So I got what I wanted.


You did not hurt anything. The filename is derived from the CDR and the ICON displayed if a matching filename is found.

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