Can i reset amportal.conf?

i got freepbx 2.10.0 and asterisk 1.8.10, during freepbx install i put incorret stuff and now it wont let me change them. is there a way to reset te install_amp or aportal.conf?

What exactly is it that you want to change?

i want to change all the things it asks for :slight_smile:

install_amp has saved settings and i wish to erase/reset them how do im do that?

Just match your DB settings from MySQL in /freepbx.conf you will be able to get into FreePBX and set your Asterisk Manager credentials in advanced settings.

That’s it.

where is freepbx.conf?

in /etc


I am not sure why that was not in my original post.

This is the file that you need to remove to be able to re-run ./install_amp .
rm /etc/amportal.conf