Can I integrate whatsapp telephony to freepbx?

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I don’t found any about this idea, so there go my question.

Can I integrate Whatsapp phone call into freepbx? like a SIP provider like some trunk service, can be done?
Think that is a good idea?

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whatsapp is decentralized and purposely does not offer official API’s

WhatsApp has only one API which is WhatsApp business, Which you can use to communicate with the business client.

But you can still use WhatsApp with freePBX with the help of Twilio application, if freePBX has there own API’s or they allow you to integrate WhatsApp with twilio…

5 years later. Yes, WhatsApp is finally rolling out their API and it is very tough to obtain your own API access…
With that being said, AFAIK, the API is only for chat, not Voice/Video

Sorry for replying to an old post, But I’m glad you answered me back…

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