Can I have different dialing patterns for different extensions?

Can I have different dialing patterns for different extensions?

IE. 1 extention has areacode 505 prefixed and another extension has 707 prefixed?

You will need two outbound routes, one for each extension, then use the CLI field in the patterns on each route to differentiate between the two extensions or you could use Custom Contexts to do the same thing.

Thanks! I’m not having much luck though.

I don’t see anything"CLI Field" for the dial patterns, I have:
Match Pattern
Caller ID

I tried putting the extenion caller ID for Caller ID but when I dial out from that extension it still doesn’t use that dial pattern(prepend).

Any ideas?


PS. and Custom Contexts looks like it hasn’t been updated in over a year and FreePBX 2.9.0 won’t install it.

Custom Contexts cannot be installed:
A FreePBX version below 2.8.0alpha1 is required, you have 2.9.0

The CID field should be the extension number, that will work fine.

if you do want custom context, although overkill and complicated for what you are trying to do, it’s available in the 2.9 online repository for download. You are probably trying to download an older version from the contributed modules repository.

Thanks! That worked!

Can you do mutliple extensions and/or ranges in the called id field? Or do I have to have 1 entry per extension?

yes you can do ranges, etc.

example are 2XXX or 2[012]XX would both work for their respective restrictions. It doesn’t recognize anything like comma delimited extensions or more general ranges (e.g. you can’t do 2000-2155).


Thats great cuz I have like 50 extensions.