Can I define a CDR range so clients can login and only see their own number ranges?

I have created a user login that only allows them to get CDR reports. However when they login it is possible to see all CDR’s and not just the CDR’s for this clients number range. When creating the user account in “administrators” it allows you to define an extension range, however this does not seem to restrict the CDR reports to the ranges defined …

Is there anyway of creating a client login with CDR reports that only show the CDR’s for this customers number ranges and not allow them to see every CDR on the switch ?

Why not use the user panel? That’s what its there for.

The username/password pair comes from that individual’s VM number(extension number) and VM password.

Of course the Panel lets them do a tad bit more. If you don’t want the rest of the goodies there, you need to hack the code