Can I access the config files via freepbx gui?

can I access the config files via freepbx gui? I know I can do it from putty, I found it handy to access them from the GUI in TB but I haven’t seen an option to do it in freePBX.


There is a JAVA SSH access from FreePBX. You can log in from there and get to command files.

Thanks for pointing that one out… I did quite like the GUI access to config files in trixbox. The files that you are likly to need at the touch of a mouse and the links to the different sections down the side of the screen.


That trixbox module is a standalone php script. You can steal it out of the trixbox repo and just toss it in a directory off of /var/www/html and it will work just fine.

You can use it as a FreePBX module, just browse to the link.

I used the endpoint manager out of trixbox for over a year without trixbox before Andrew’s stuff

can you detail how you toss a php file eg what are the stps to make this work?