Can from-domain in SIP trunk be DDNS?

Setting up Voip.MS trunk PJSIP on FreePBX latest version.
Their instructions require that the “From Domain” field (in the trunk’s settings>PJSIP settings>Advanced) needs to be the PBX’s WAN IP.
I have a site where the WAN IP is dynamic (not static), so Voip.MS support unconvincingly suggested to input the DDNS address.
Can someone confirm that setting the from domain (when the provider requires it) to the network’s DDNS address (i.e. makes sense and would this be stable?
And is there a script or some add-on that can be installed on the FreePBX server that will check what is the WAN IP every x mins and update that From Domain field accordingly? or will it just be good enough to set the DDNS address? (if there’s a script on the PBX that runs and checks the public IP itself every few minutes, that eliminates the DDNS point of failure as the PBX itself is checking its IP)

I have never encountered a provider that requires such a parameter. Many providers require their own domain in From; others will accept anything.

If you leave From Domain blank, Asterisk will use its IP address in the From field, which should work fine. If rejects an outgoing call, use pjsip logger to confirm that the other headers are as expected.

This is more about, rather than Asterisk. However, I would point out that:

seems to, rather strongly, indicate that the from domain should not contain an IP address!

IP addresses that change whilst a system is up are very bad for any server, but there is a DNSMgr option in Asterisk that tries to mitigate this. I’m not familiar with the details.

Expect calls in progress at the change, and started from the change to the next check, to fail.

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