Can FreePBX forward a call to a SIP number

Hello Guys,

Can FreePBX forward a call to a SIP number? For example if a user during a call press 0 can freepbx forward it to another sip number or do I need to configure it to extensions.conf on asterisk?

If yes can you tell me how spend half day configuring it…

I will really appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t Really know what you are asking. Are you asking whether a sip number can be the destination of vmx? Then the answer is yes, it’s set up just like any other number.

Hello Thanks for the reply, I want to know whether free pbx can connect a call to another sip number not a local extension or do I need to configure it to asterisk extensions.conf manually.

For example can I config that when the caller press 0 then it will forward to a SIP number instead of voicemail. Can freePBX do that or do I need to manually configure it on extensions.conf.

Can I edit the asterisk incoming sequence through freepbx.

Just program it like you would program any outside number in VMX .


Under what module can i program VMX

what is BF?