Can FreePbx connect via mobile hotspot/cell card to Vitality

The area we live in has very poor DSL service and it’s getting worse. Like quarter to half meg download speeds.

So we would like to switch to using 4G cell service to provide our business with Internet connectivity. We use free PBX and vitality to provide our phone service. I tried connecting a TP Link mobile router with 4G cell card to our Linksys router that free PBX sits behind as well as the rest of our computer network. Our computers connected and had great speed however free PBX never registered with vitality.

Is this sort of thing even possible?

Is this sort of thing even possible? The server logs in with a username and password and I don’t have a static IP on my DSL. So I figured an Internet connection is an Internet connection, but the limited information I can find online about doing this looks like maybe Verizon handles data over the cell card a little bit different.

Anyone that can point me to some instructions, an article Quality reading or other general help on the subject would be great.

At this point something to read other than election and political stuff would be awesome!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any help is very much appreciated. Thanks again, Zach

what is vitelity seeing? get them on the phone and have them watch when you try to register a phone. i am assuming you have checked all the settings on the router for the 4g connection to make sure they are the same as what your router uses for the dsl connection. what about the pbx firewall. your external ip has changed when you switch to the 4g connection.

We are doing something similar also using Verizon 4G LTE and it works fine. So Verizon is most likely not your problem.
We are using a SIP gateway behind NAT for this, and a different SIP provider, so I can’t tell you if your issue is with Vitelity or your trunk config, but SIP over Verizon LTE should work fine.

mu guess is that your hotspot is functioning as a router/firewall (NAT,etc.). with your main router behind it, you are probably doing double NAT which is a sure way to make sure SIP does not work. i will bet that if you plug your pbx directly into the hotspot and adjust its ip, that it will work. i have not played with a Verizon hotspot so i don’t know if you can set it in some sort of pass through mode where it funnels the public ip address with no NAT or firewall services directly to your main router. if you can, then it will work. if not then you will have to keep your DSL and route your voice traffic through that. PC’s are much more tolerate of double natting for most things but sip traffic is not

If you’re doing this double NAT then you will have problems with SIP. If you can’t set your mobile hotspot into bridge or pass through mode, then buy one that can, or try a device that has both a LTE modem and a router imbedded as one device, replacing your Linksys. This is what we do with a Cradlepoint IBR650.

I tried plugging the server right in to the tplink hot spot and it never registered. A couple interesting things. The server is always
So I changed the ip range of the hot spot to 192.168.1 to .199

Then I could see the sever and log in. To the control panel of freepbx via my browser. BUT I never saw an ip show up on the dhcp client table nor did it register on Vitality.

So I’m still not sure what the issue is.

Tomorrow I’m going to try a 4g LTE home internet thing from Verizon. I’ll see if that can connect.

if your server has a static ip address of it will not show up in a dhcp client table. and yes the pbx has to be on a subnet that the hotspot is managing.
look at the logs and see why the trunk is not registering. it should be pretty obvious. can you ping the vitelity trunk address from your server?
did you set the external address (sip settings) of the pbx to the external ip address of the hotspot?

Most of this is over my head, so please bear with me. I did not set this up, I’m just trying to keep my phones working myself since I can’t find anyone else local.

I did not set any external address, I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. My server logs in to vitality with a username and password, so I was told the IP address wasn’t required. But maybe you’re talking about something different.

What logs should I look at? Something on free PBX or is there something on vitality?

Is there any type of article that explains this in more detail? As well as how to login to the server itself Ian try to ping out. I know that you login to it with the client called putty. But that’s all I know at the moment, so there’s another thing I need to learn more about.

Thanks for all the great help keep up the good work guys

What cell provider are you using for that.?

I bought that Cradlepoint and it won’t work. Seems Verizon blocks all that stuff…

Using Verizon 4G LTE.
Dropped their mifi hotspot and just put the SIM card into the cradlepoint.
Works well.

Can you access the internet at least?