Can freepbx call a web site on a call?

Hi, i’ve a “strange” question:

is it possible to have freepbx calling (with a wget) an external website when an extension is called?

i’d like to use it for activation of an input/output module …

tks :wink:

I need to do it at pbx level, but in the meantime should be ok even your idea :wink:

We use the 3CX softphone client from 3cx at the moment though this will probably change at some point.

We use it both for the URL bit (which we actually use to do something to our phone) but also because its one of the few softphones that has a TAPI interface.


ok, where do you set it? ;=)

In the Cog icon, Preferences. Notify this app…we have our browsers set with the parameters to be the url of our CRM

gulp, on softphone 3cx client (last version, downloaded 1 minute ago) i don’t have notification … :open_mouth:

It does not work :frowning:

Seems that the custom extension is not loaded. Should i have only the file customized or even some modification on freepbx?

We do this with our softphone client. That has the ability to call a URL with parameters when the phone rings.

Is that not an option for you?


A little custom code in extensions_custom.conf that includes a curl statement:

Tks! Can i edit the file or have to do it somehow (how) in freepbx? :wink:

Is there a guide that says how to add code to extensions custom.conf for an extension? I understand the language, but it isn’t clear to me what would be the correct way to intercept the extension and add code.