CAN freepbx be used as a call screener to stop telemarketers

Could this software be used to stop telemarketers.

Here is what I vision.

This is for a home not a business.

a call comes in on the incoming line.
the software plays a message that says dial 1 to speak to a person…

an automated system can not determine what is required and is dumped.

basically the incoming line will only be attached to the internal phones if the appropriate “code” is entered.

would any special hardware be required.


Any other suggestions would be most welcome.

Many of us run a FreePBX system at home. It gives you what you want and a lot more.

You would need at least one incoming (FXO) and what outbound (FXS) port.

I would recommend a Cisco SPA3102.

You could then add a few really nice IP phones to your house, maybe in your home office and the kitchen?

If you get enough FXS ports for each phone you can use intercom between rooms.

You would just need to create an IVR with the destination “1” listed to a ringall group of all of your extensions, route your inbound route to that IVR and you should be good to go.

The real fun is when you start having repeated live calls and someone gets around your “1” digit security system. That’s when I get creative and using inbound routes and Misc. Destinations redirect their phone calls back to themselves, or to their main office… or put them in a Queue that goes to nowhere… “your call is important to us, please hold for the next available operator.” If the call volume is really high you could drop them all into the same unused conference room and let them talk to each other.

Ok. Now I know very little about how this might all fit together.

Some additional things come to mind.

I get the internet from the telco phone line which then goes to the DSL modem. each phone requires a filter. I assume I would have to connect the dsl to the incoming phone line before going to the voice gateway.

once an acceptable call comes in would it then make all the phones ring in the house as it happens now?

if you wanted to have 2 or 3 options ie 1 to speak to frank, 2 to speak to joe 3 to speak to mary…then you need more FXS ports? OR CAN YOU HAVE different rings for each option?

I also have a fax machine that is accessed by a different number on the same phone line. how would this fit in?

I may think of other things once I learn more about how this all fits togehter.

thanks a million…really wanna get rid of those telemarketers.

If you want to address each phone individually you need more FXS ports. You need one for the FAX machine too. Asterisk will detect your distinctive ring. It’s kinda like a DID on a POTS line.

The FXS ports are cheap. 4 for around $125.00. I have see little single port ATA’s for $10.00 If you are real adventurous and know Cisco you can pick up an old 2600 router with an 8 port FXS for $50 on eBay. Just think how cool you would be to show your friends your network switch with a PBX, an enterprise router gateway etc.

I assume that you know this will become a bit of a hobby? Do you like Linux and Open Source stuff?

I have ordered a 3120 and also a 112 from Cisco.

So as I wait I am trying to learn what I will be doing next week!

First question:

I have a Linux box running Centos 6.3…I would like to use this box to install Asterisk et all on…is this possible ? I read Asterisk is using Centos 5.5…

I really dont want another computer running in the house…let alone maintain it.

I went one step further; trying to install Asterisk on the Centos box…but I am running into trouble because the yum repository is setup to look in the current Centos version of 5…not 6. So thus my question…

knowing this is maybe a question for Asterisk I went to the forum and registered…but I got no email with my password back…so I cant get in that forum at the present.

so should I use my exsisting Centos box as the admin computer? Any advise.

Then I will have to get help installing Asterisk and FreepBX.

Thanks for alll the help so far.

Rpm’s can cause some issues in a non standard envionement. Best to download Asterisk and build it on the machine you intend to run it on.

Instructions at are excellent tutorials for scratch installs.

You could also start with the distro and add on all your stuff.

My choice would be to put in a dual hex core 1u server and take out your furnace.

FreePBX can block telemarketers quite easily. I set my home FreePBX to block all Area codes, then put in the inbound route to only allow certain area codes through. All other calls not allowed get put on hold indefinitely. Was sick of all random US based numbers calling my house throughout the day. If a Telemarkter calls from the area codes I let through, Its mostly predictive dialers, so it gets stuck in the IVR menu until it times out. Hope this helps. Cheers.

I now have my hardware in hand the spa3102 and the 112.

As I speak I am loading a computer with the Easy Install Free Distro.

But I really need to get some advise on how to get the hardware attached to the phone line and the exsisting phones.

Current setup.

One phone line coming into house and wired to several extensions and fax machine.

What do I need to do?

Keeping it simple at first.

Here is what I think I need to do.

Install an rj11 receptacle to the incoming phone line.

Install another rj11 receptacle to the lines that go to the phones/extensions/fax.

connect the incoming phone line to the Line input of the SPA3102 with a 4 wire telephone cable.

connect the exsisting phones to the phone jack on the Spa3102.

This would not allow for the fax to work as it has a different phone number. Will deal with that later…faxes are not a big item.

connect my dsl modem to the spa3102 via the rj45 cat10 port labeled internet. dsl modem is then connected to my exsisting router. All computers should get the internet this way and my home network via the exsisting router

connect my freepbx admin computer to the spa3102 via the ethernet port. In the long term I would like to make an exsisting Centos 6.2 box the admin computer but for the sake of keeping it simmple until I learn “how to” get Asterisk and freepbx working I just thought it best to go with a “canned” system. AND glad there is such as thing.

Now realizing I need to take into account some physical location differences I hope that would get me a basic setup.

That would leave the fax machine to deal with via the spa112.

right now the fax is just hooked on to an extension jack…in the complete system I will have a network cable come from my exsisting router to the spa112 and then attach the fax to one of the phone ports.

The other phone port on the spa112 will let me have a personal phone later.

I hope I am on the right track.

Oh by the way the installation of the software is going well on the admin computer…will have wait to get some jacks et all before I can go much further with the hardware part.

Yours thoughts and input are greatly appreciated.

What is “Easy Install Free Distro”

Not familiar with that. I suggest you use genuine FreePBX distro, downloaded from the download link.

just a small typo…LOL

easy install free"pbx" distro

If you have a pbx, this issue should not be a problem. I think you need no more physical connections but only a better configuration. Check this page: