Can FreePBX be configured so that Asterisk listens on a particualy IP address

We have a multi-homed FreePBX system. Is it possible to configure asterisk to only listen on specific IP address instead o

Yes.Bind address is set in Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings. Restart Asterisk after applying config.

These are the local network settings?

No, the bind address. If you’re looking for the PJSIP settings, you have to first enable “Show Advanced Settings”

We do not use pj just chan_sip. This system has not be touched since 2015

The bind address on chan_sip is set as expected but I still see connections coming to the other ip on that host. These are login attempts and I would like asterisk to simply ignore them.

Block the traffic with iptables.

We were already filtering the SIP IP. This is a secondary access IP that we did not configure Asterisk to listen on. It therefore caught us by surprise when asterisk started to log attempts to authenticate on that address. That has been fixed. We just want to know if it is possible to limit what IP addresses Asterisk listens on. We have already defined just one bind address in FreePBX SIP settings, but that does not appear to have the effect that we expected.

Works for me…

Do you have multiple network interfaces or do you have multiple IP addresses on the same interface?

One NIC with ip aliases

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