Can FreePBX and Fax for Asterisk do this?

Hello everyone. Has anyone had any experience with the following scenario? I’d like to use a t38 capable copier to send faxes out of a PRI trunk. The setup would be:

Copier ----> SIP call with t38 ----> PBX with Asterisk ----> PRI Trunk ----> PSTN

I believe this is called a t38 gateway? Anyhow, I have incoming faxing and outbound faxing with an ARI module all working great. So far I can see that FreePBX may not be running the fax detect routine on internal SIP extensions. So would I need to use a SIP trunk for the copier instead? I’ve also set the following switches with no luck so far: t38pt_udptl = yes and faxdetect = yes

If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be appreciated.


No asterisk can not act as a T38 gateway at this time. there is a patch for it and it looks like it MIGHT make it into asterisk 1.10

Thanks for taking the time to reply and making this clear. Any recommendations for utilizing Windows Fax (aka the built in print to fax in Windows) with FreePBX? Commercial or open source recommendations will work.

Thanks again,