Can Dialled DID be sent to device?

We have customers with multiple DIDs, all associated to the same device.

When a call comes to the device, the invite shows up as [email protected]
There is nothing in the invite or any other details we can see that contains the dialed DID.

DID routed to USER associated to DEVICE

How can we get the device to receive the dialed DID, so the remote side can route calls accordingly.

…or is the only way this works is to set them up as a trunk?

Any assistance is appreciated.

When you say device, are you referring to your FreePBX server or a SIP desktop phone?
How are you receiving your phone calls? PRI? Pots? SIP?
How are your inbound calls setup if not a trunk?


In FreePBX we have a user with a device.
Multiple inbound routes (one for each DID) are pointed to a user.

When the device is passed the inbound call, there is no reference anywhere to the inbound DID dialed.
This is preventing the user (registered to FreePBX) to be able to route calls at their end.

Ah, I understand.
In the inbound routes, there is a field titled something like “prefix caller ID” if you hover over the question mark it will explain explain more. But anything you put in there will show up on the phone. The example they use is “sales:” so when people call that inbound route the caller ID would look like “sales:1800-555-5555”


Thanks, but that will not work…
The receiving PBX needs to see a proper SIP call to read and route the inbound call.
They are also unable to parse the CallerID Name, strip the DID called (for routing), then send the true CallerID Name back to the their PBX phones (as most devices will support the length required to put a full DID and name. Not to mention the users do not want to see the dialed DID in their CallerID Name.

So when you say a “user with a device” you mean that you are sending calls from FreePBX to a different PBX? The “user”?
If so, that needs to be a trunk.

Was afraid of that… a simple task made complicated.
Obviously doable, just much more setup to accomplish many of the same features already in a user/device (ie: ring length, unreachable destination, etc). Also no extension routing controls at the trunk level (which then opens a number of security risks).

I may be wrong, there may be a way to do it and someone else may be able to help. I don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your additional device, or what it is.

You want your user to receive the call but also know the DID that it was called. The only way is to put in the cid information. You can write a custom dialplan to set the callerid name to the did number and the caller id number to cid information.
This way the user will see in the first line the did number in the second the cid.