Can Call Out From SIP Hardware Phones, but Can't Call In


I have recently set up some Grandstream BT-200, and am having some problems getting them to work with my Trixbox v2.6.1 installation. The issues with the phone/network connectivity are as follows:
I have already set up a SIP softphone works perfectly
A ZAP extension works fine
My SIP hardware phones can call out, or can call my ZAP or SIP
The SIP hardware phones are visible in the Trixbox system settings
However, no internal or external calls can be made to my SIP
hardphone extensions
And the SIP hardware phones fail to show up as being online in the Trixbox PBX settings page.

According to Grandstream support, the BT0-200 are properly configured, and I set up the extensions according to the specs set out for GXP-2000 in the blog. Is there some setting in FreePBX that I should be checking?



FreePBX only see’s what asterisk see’s nothing more and nothing less. So if FreePBX (FYI using pbxconfig from trixbox is NOT FreePBX they modified it) says they are not there then asterisk does not think that the phones are registered either.

My guess is your phones are not registering successfully with Asterisk. It could be a simple thing like in the SIP-phone, what you put as IP address to register to is not right; or the passwords do not match.