Can be a Ring Group inside other RingGroup?

hi. I have tried to use one RingGroup inside other RingGroup but seems is not working

Ring group 400 has extensions 3121,2222,9000 and RingGroup 420

RingGroup 420 has extension 1001 and 5555

extension 1001 is a gsm gateway
and extension 5555 is a nokia e63 as remote extension

i config ringgroup 420 to dial extension 5555 if no answer then dial 1001

but when Dial 400 ring group. it seems dont try the ringgroup 420 only the 3121,2222,9000 420 is not dialed

what can be going wrong. it is possible to use RingGroups inside other RingGroup or not ???

What are you trying to accomplish by putting a ring group inside a ring group? Why not just put the 2 extensions of RG 420 (1001 & 5555) inside RG 400? An extension can be a member of more than 1 RG.


but i tell you ring group 420 is dedicated to mobile devices. for external extension.

so 420 ring group can be called remote devices.

that way if remote voip phone (5555)dont register then extension 1001 would ring

extensions in ring group 400 are in site office. so they sound but if not answer dont matter.

ringgroup is importand that if not sound 5555 then go to 1001