Can anyone get Queues to Reinvite?


Here is my situation I have a queue that lets people wait until an available extension is free. When the extension is free, the client is transferred to the extension. The problem I have is that when the extension is transferred, the caller’s RTP stream is not reinvited. Therefore each caller produces up to 6 call streams or 3 calls for 1 specific call.

What I would like it to do

  • When a caller gets transferred to a logged in agent, the call is removed from queue and the agent is talking to the client via an RTP Reinvite.

Is there anyway I can force the client OUT of queue after the call has been answered? I really need this to reduce CPU overhead for the call. I do not want to run 3 full call streams for just one caller. Waste of resources and degrades the call audio significantly.

PS All my extensions and trunks are already in canreinvite=yes mode so this is something with FreePBX/Asterisk. I have asked at the Asterisk forum and they say it has something to do with the ‘t’ in the queue command and that I should be asking over here.

I have been trying to tackle this problem for over 2 months now and still can’t get it resolved. If anyone else is using Canreinvite=yes and has queues, can you verify to see if your queues are 100% being reinvited properly?