Can anybody help to setup Google Voice Motif on freepbx

I just fresh installed, Sangoma OS 7 with freepbx, I followed some tutorials to setup GV with Motif/chan, but no success, when I create google voice account it says connected, but freepbx not creating any inbound or outbound routes either GV trunk. I greatly apreciate if some one guide me with full installation tutorial.

Thank you community.

While this probably seems like a terrific idea to you, the community has been notified that Google Voice support will be terminated in about three weeks. That said, there are lots of inexpensive trunk providers that you can use that get you going without the headaches and will continue to work after the second week in June.

Google’s XMPP support is supposed to end sometime next month. So if you really want to use Google Voice directly from FreePBX after that, you would need to use the callback method. I saw this article in my Twitter feed but have not tried it so can’t say if it will work for you.

How to use Google Voice with FreePBX and Asterisk without using XMPP or buying new hardware

Personally I plan to wait and see if they actually do drop XMPP support before I do anything, but if I were in your shoes and could not get the FreePBX Google Voice module to work I would not waste any time on it. We’ll see if Google really ends it this time around.

Thank you very much for prompt replay. I’m looking forward to find cheap sip providers.

Thank you for quick replay. I did not know that. It was very helpful.

Click on “FreePBX” at the top of the page and look for “SipStation”. They’re cheap and easy to install.

If you want something more robust, you could do something like Voip Innovations or Alcazar Networks. The difference between these and Google Voice is like the difference between a TUV and a horse and buggy…

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