I’ve searched the forums for Camp-on information and viewed the Wiki already. What I am looking for is I think a little different than how Camp-On currently works.

I’m looking for a method to camp an outside caller at an extension, so if an agent is on the phone and the caller wishes to hold for them, we can camp them at the agent’s extension so they have to take that call when they hangup.

Maybe a custom dialplan entry that would transfer a call to an extension and immediately put them on hold, or “park” them at that extension.

This was a feature our receptionist had at a previous job on an old phone system and it sounds like it would be very helpful for us.

Has anyone done similar? Is this already available and I’m just blind (I would not be surprised!)?

Hi Bill,

I did consider that, but I’m not sure that I want a queue without a timeout. I am already using queues for multi-line presence. Still not a bad idea though so I’ll have to think about it.

If I could just transfer in a manner that would immediately put the call on hold at that extension, I think that would be perfect. I’m going to have to play with some dial plan and see if that would be realistic.

Appreciate your response.

Couldn’t you do this with a queue?