Camp-on, FreePBX vs. Nortel

FreePBX 6.12.65-22 running on Asterisk 11.

Have an install that replaced an older Nortel system. I am being asked about the Camp-on feature the Nortel system offered where an external call could be placed in what sounds more like a queue if the extension is busy, and then rings through when the extension goes on-hook. If it sits for a configured time period, it rings back to the receptionist. I did read up on the FreePBX Camp feature, but it seemed like it does not replicate this functionality.
What the reception wants is something like an automated “would like you to hold for them?” that doesn’t require someone to monitor the extension for availability and then manually put the call through.

Any thoughts? TIA.

Camp-on means different things to each individual PBX implementation , to replicate your particular “known behavior” perhaps read and modify:-