Calls were going through for years, now dropping at 32sec

My FreePBX system has worked great with redundant Twilio trunks handling all calls to and from the PSTN for years. In the last several days, the calls started dropping in both directions when using these trunks. My PBX is not behind NAT but is hosted in a Vultr data center in Miami, so NAT isn’t likely to be the issue. The IP of the PBX is static and belongs to me.

My phones are in several physical locations and all work fine internally, but all drop incoming or outgoing calls made to the PSTN via Twilio.

I have enabled debug logs and they are here: h t t p s:// w w w. dropbox. com/s/9tzdwi7prc4ro33/full.txt?dl=0

The call was made at 17:40:57 and was answered by extension 2100 about 10 seconds later. The call dropped at exactly 32 seconds at 17:41:29. I turned off the firewall for this call to rule it out.

Any help anyone can be would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

This sounds like it is the same as Another calls dropped at 30 seconds post with the common factor being Twilio. You haven’t provided the protocol logging, which would confirm that no ACK is being received.

I’d suggest joining in that topic, and getting logs with pjsip set logger on set.

Also, please share the logs via pastebin

I didn’t because they were too big and pastebin wouldn’t accept them.

PJsip logs:

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Note that there is a

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