Calls through wireguard, how?

Hi, I just installed freepbx. I am trying to make calling to another phone that’s connected to my network via wireguard vpn.

For the moment I can only hear this phone but he doesn’t hear me.

I’m guessing i should add wireguard ip to freepbx sip settings but so far everything i tried failed.

Where should I put the ip? Also where do I get the IP from? Is it the 10.x.x.x/24 that appears in a wireguard peer configuration file? If so, i tried adding it in the first sip settings tab , in the nat settings like and it didn’t work.

Also there’s the second sip settings tab, where you can also specify a local network. Also tried there.

I have no idea what else to test. Don’t even know if that’s the right ip.

Or is it the endpoint that appears in wireguard? Tried it with no luck.

I’m out of ideas. I would appreciate some help, thanks

Add the wireguard IP or wireguard subnet if youll have more than 1 phone to Firewall Trusted Zone.

You have the subnet your PBX is on in wireguard exported networks? You can ping the PBX from the wireguard remote side?

Turns out everything was related to codec issues. Discovered by fiddling with linphone. I did set the subnet right, everything server side was right :') thanks though!