Calls stop going to the queue

We are running FreePBX and the symptom we are seeing is that incoming calls to a queue will get the queue announcements and then dead air from then on. The call doesn’t drop but it never shows up in the queue. Agents are unable to pick up the call because it doesn’t show in FOP2. The queue in FOP2 will show empty.

Any suggestions on what to look for?

Can you post a from a failed call?

/var/log/asterisk/full and find the failed call.

That’s just it, it doesn’t show up in the log. When I call in from my cell phone, what appears to happen is that I can go through the IVR but when I get placed into the queue, I sit there forever. Looking at FOP2 it doesn’t show my number in the queue either. When I tried, “grep “[phone number]” full” I get nothing.

Today after another crash I was able to find the following line in the error log that was repeated over and over. This looks to me like what is causing or at least an indication of what is causing the problem. I found a few posts on it and one or more talked about the DNS not being correct. I had as the first line in my DNS servers in System Admin->DNS. I noticed that if I removed everything but that, according to one suggestion, I could no longer resolve DNS. When I added and removed the 127 address, DNS resolved as expected.

This is the error that’s repeated over and over until it restarts via fwconsole restart.

[2018-09-12 11:46:26] WARNING[43840][C-00005425] channel.c: Exceptionally long voice queue length queuing to Local/[email protected];1

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