Calls randomly ring busy on ring group

I’m at a loss. Customers are randomly saying the line is busy. I have call control flow going to a ring group with a 35 second time out. If the call doesn’t answer, they get a virtual extension which is a follow me with a cell phone. They end user never hits the ring group and it rings busy. The CDR report says “no answer”. Any ideas?

There are too many places that can generate busy - you’re going to need to be more specific. Important note - Asterisk will almost never generate a busy signal on its own (unless instructed). It’s failure mode is usually to drop the call or dump you into VoiceMail. If the call isn’t even getting to the PBX (which would be what I would expect), you might need to look at your inbound route/trunks/open ports and make sure you aren’t running out of resources.