Calls on one number dropped, but another is fine

I have been running FreePBX in a small office situation for several months, with two numbers from the same SIP provider coming into one trunk and using a dial group to 5 phones on various desks at our office. One incoming number is a normal local number, the other is a 1300 number.

In the last couple of days we have an extremely strange situation. If someone rings our 1300 number it works as expected: all phones ring, and the phone that picks up is connected.

However, if someone rings the normal local number, all phones ring but if anyone answers the call is disconnected immediately.

The logs only show a Hangup command as far as I can see, no particular errors.

We had to shut down for a power failure earlier in the week so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with this.

What makes it seem so strange is that both numbers are from the one provider and use the same trunk and incoming routes and call group and everything - we use the one set of rules for both numbers.

I upgraded today to the latest versions of everything available and it didn’t help. I’ve also restored old settings from the automatic monthly backups and that didn’t help either.

Any ideas on what we can check to try and get this working?

Still happening today - our provider is Club Telco here in Aus. Maybe it’s something that changed at their end?

The ClubTelco account works fine if I connect a phone directly to it, so I assume it has nothing to do with them.

Do I need to put some more information here? Can anyone offer an insight?

Route your Inbound Route to a Terminate Call: Play Zapteller, call the number, and then let us know what happens.