Calls On Hold Reminder beep

Hello everyone,

Do you guys know how to setup FreePBX so that if a call placed on hold is forgotten, the phone will beep at the user to remind them they left someone on hold?

Found a few topics around but they were closed, and years old, and no answer was given that would accomplish this; some mentioning of parking, or that the phone should do that, etc.

We are using FreePBX and the phones are Cisco SPA504G.

Haven’t been able to find anything on the Freepbx forums, Spiceworks nor the phone documentation (Cisco refers to this feature but only if using their PBX solution).

Do you know of the setting, or module, that does this? A quick guide perhaps? Thanks for your help.

Nope. I even looked around for the one I thought I remembered, and I’m not finding anything.

One of my customers asked me for this a few years ago, and I didn’t find anything that would work then either.

Within the realm of what we have to work with, I can’t even think of a good way to handle this without some serious context writing magic:

  • Find the place that handles putting the call on hold.
  • Add a “1 minute in the future check to see if the call is still on hold” event
  • Process normally.
  • When the event goes off, check to see if the phone is off-hook. If it is, drop the phone into a queue?? or some other intervention event. If the phone is on-hook, ring it.

Of course, there are a thousand other ways to handle it. You could use queue, throw the call into the parking lot, etc. You could also change the system so that “on hold” is really parked. That gives you a lot of configuration possibilities.

So, I don’t have a solution for you, but it sounds like a really cool idea. Someone with more experience may be able to offer you a magic bullet, but I wouldn’t plan on it. Most SIP phones are actually pretty stupid, so whatever you end up with is probably going to need server intervention.

Thanks for your comments Cynjut; yes, I’m trying the parking lot feature, but that is not quite what the front admins wanted. Checked the phone and no config on it about it, you’re right, maybe need to look into different model/brand to support that.
Will look into the queues too.
Have a good weekend!

I know the Polycom Soundpoint phones support that feature, and I believe some of the Aastra phones do as well.

The Polycom sip.cfg settings are:
call.hold.localReminder.enabled - Enable/Disable
call.hold.localReminder.period - Time in seconds between subsequent reminders
call.hold.localReminder.startDelay - Time in seconds to wait before the initial reminder

Hi All,

I think I have found a solution for Yealink Telephone’s

login to web interface of your phone and going to Features – General Information. Enable the feature and configure the delay duration you want. Default value is 30 seconds.

The Hold tone is for the for the caller and the Held tone is the Beeping you hear while a call is on hold.

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