Calls not recorded when transferred

I have a PBXACT 60.
Current PBX Version:

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I have an issue with call recordings.
If a call (Inbound or outbound) is made for example to or from ext 200, the call is recorded. If that call is then transferred to ext 201 (If attended transfer the call between 200 and 201 is still recorded) the recording stops.
The call itself is logged in CDR along with call duration but the recording is not available there isn’t one.

I have forced recording on the extensions and also inbound on the Queue and outbound on the routes.

Has anybody experienced this and know of a fix?

There was some discussion about this a couple of years ago and (IIRC) the fix was to upgrade the PBX software to the latest version. Now, that was a couple of years ago and it looks like your software may be from around that time or newer, so this might be something else.

All calls within Asterisk are back to back, so the concept of continuing a call on another channel really doesn’t exist. New channels are added to the conversation and deprecated channels are dropped out, so there wouldn’t ever be a single recording that would track all of that. The call to the queue would get handled by the queue options, but as soon as you transfer the call away from that extensions, the queue would drop out of the conversation and that recording would end.

There are five options for recording calls - do you have all of them selected in the queue, in the inbound route, and in the extension?

Also, the logs will tell you exactly whether the recording is being created - all of that should be available to you for analysis.


Thank you for taking time to reply.
I have all options set to record calls.
I have today tested further and realised it is in actual fact the way in which the transfer key on the phone (Grandstream GXP2140) is programmed. I can’t seem to override that so I have disabled it and created a new key using the feature code *2.
When using this the recording now continues (or at least the new call as it were) is recorded.
I suppose this closes this portion and then I need to delve deeper into writing a new config file for the phone.

Generally disabling ALL ‘Vertical service codes’, i.e. phone specific ‘feature codes’ on ATA’s is recommended, that way the asterisk server is ‘in charge’ , substitute speed dials mapped to asterisk ‘feature codes’ for phone specific buttons.

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