Calls hangup in 2 sec

Hello TEAM
Recently we are experiencing a recursive issues … calls are being cut in 2 sec…

while checking the connectivity found next behavior,

Strict RTP learning complete - Locking on source address { INTELLIQUENT IP }

IP 216.x.x.x which we don’t recognize …any thoughs?

hello fellow according to your issue i am suggesting following steps may be it will be helpful for you:

1: Check your firewall and NAT settings to ensure proper traffic allowance.
2: Review SIP provider configurations and logs for errors.
3: If issues persist, contact INTELLIQUENT support and consider updating Asterisk.

may be your sip is not supported for this and also update asterisk to latest version

Best Regard
Danish Hafeez | QA Assistant

Contacted Voice provider… they have requested to have wider range for RTP … currently testing.

thanks for your support and comments.

Weird. By default, Asterisk uses ports 10000-20000 on its end and will accept any port at the remote end. How much wider could they want?

They indicated a wider scope almost double 50000 …
checking traffic connections…

Cisco (and other well behaved services) use

16384 - 32767

As a side note, any range that starts and ends on an even number is technically possibly problematic (including 10000-20000 )

Issues have decreased with this last adjust… although there are a few disconnections yet!.

Have you confirmed you have your carrier’s required CODECs enabled?

Hello … Yes… Codec was the same… but it seems a wider range was finally needed… issues decreased notably these days.

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