Calls going straight to voicemail

Has anyone ever seen this before?

I recently got a new router (I want to get rid of my old one for a few reasons) its a pfSense netgate router.

My FreePBX system works perfectly with my current router Cisco Meraki MX64.

It allows port forwarding to my on premises FreePBX server, which when I ring my DID, allows calls from my phone carrier to hit the FreePBX server, ringing whatever extensions it needs to on deskphone and softphone.

However, with this new router, I have set up the same port forwarding rules, but it just goes straight to voice mail? It is definitely hitting the FreePBX server because it reads out my voicemail busy message, but I can’t answer, phones don’t ring, it just goes straight to voice mail.

I am not sure what to do from here, i will keep looking at the logs and hope it says something I can use.

Thank you

All routers don’t follow the same methods, here is a quick look at (P)NAT methods

it is likely that your routers swing to different tunes, take those links and check with sngrep to see what different rules might be needed.

Yeah, not sure whats wrong as I seem to have set up NAT according to Netgate’s requirements I looked up a tutorial they made

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