Calls generating double entries in the CDR table

Hi guys, good morning!
I’m using FreePBX 16 with FOP2 (both more up-to-date versions) and I’m experiencing a strange situation with the call history.

FOP2 feeds the “call history” page with information coming directly from the database, by the CDR table.

In the last few days I noticed that my outbound calls were generating two lines in the call history tab - one with the duration “0” and the other with the common duration.

When analyzing the asterisk CDR table, I noticed that my outgoing calls are generating two lines (they are practically the same, so I will show you the differences):

PS: The lines with “Dial” come first, and the “Causecomplete” comes after them.

The lines are practically the same, the difference is that one has the column “Lastapp” as Set, with Lastdata being “CAUSECOMPLETE=C”.

See that everything else is the same - the linkedid, userfield, in short, it’s the same call - however, with two CDR entries.

Doing some research I saw that “CAUSECOMPLETE=C” would be a message referring to the termination of the call in a common way, but analyzing the entire CDR table I realized that this is only appearing in outbound calls, and that outgoing calls from the day before yesterday onwards do not had this information - and consequently were visualized normally by FOP2.

This information in the CDR table is only appearing from yesterday to today.

What could be causing this, is it normal?
Why didn’t my outgoing calls have this before?

The appropriate thing in this situation would be to try to understand and “adjust” the CDR table, in case what is happening is a problem, or think of some way for FOP2 to ignore the lines with “CAUSECOMPLETE=C”?

I ask for help with these questions, friends.

PS: That’s how it’s showing up in my FOP2 because of that.
It’s as if every call generates two records - one for the regular call, and one for the termination.
(Red for the call, blue for termination).

EDIT: I also noted that this only happens when the destination (the number im calling) hangs up.

When i, the caller (source) hang up, the entry in the CDR Table and the FOP2 history behaves normally.

Did someone already encontered that scenerio?

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