Calls from queue gets not forwarded

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i have a problem with getting calls after the login/logoff at a queue from a phone which my colleague need from time to time to cover our main number.

The feature worked in the past but we don’t when its stopped working.

The login happen on a Grandstream GXP2130 where i have configured a VPK with the following setting:

As info: the 1024 is the extension of the user and the 1555 is the number of the queue.

When we press the button we get the message that we are logged in.

When i check the queues then the extension is showing up registered correctly.

The extension is also set as dynamic member in the queue:

From this point incoming calls from our main number should also forwarded to my colleagues number which not happen ( i test this on another PBX at a other location with the same settings and it worked fine).

Did someone know where i can start to check why the calls get not forwarded to this extension after the login is successful?

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I expect the outbound leg of the call is failing. A call trace shared via pastebin may show what’s going on:

Not related to your question, but the version of FreePBX you’re using is long past end of life. You should have a plan to migrate to a supported version.

Dear Igaetz,

thank you for your replay and apologize for the late reply.

I created now a full log and uploaded it to pastebin.

This log file is not exactly related to the logon/logoff feature but its about the same issue calls are not received to recent added extensions on this queue: 1050,1044, 1024

What i can see is that that two extensions ( 1050,1044 ) are not shown up in the log which would show the problem why calls are get not transferred to new added extensions in the queue.
But why they are get no calls when they are added correctly in the GUI?

Thank You in advanced

The call trace shows a call going from an inbound route to a time condition and then direct to extension 1010. There is no queue at all in the call flow, extension 1010 has follow me set to ring extensions 1010, 1012 and 1013.

Hi Igaetz,

thank you for your reply.
the same info i got from a colleague as he checked the setting from the related main number ( as he has normally nothing to to with our phone system).

I changed the configuration to the related queue and all operators get not the calls.
The login/logout from dynamic users on this queue is now working too as aspected.

Thanks for your help and we already discussed to upgrade our system in the next time to a newer version.

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