Calls from queue are disconnected when attempted to park

FreePBX 15
Asterisk 16.30
all modules latest release.
Sangoma D65/D62 phones using REST Parking

Have a client with a busy dr office. They just asked me to put in a queue to handle the calls as this works well in their other offices.

Seems to be fine except about 10% of the calls they try to park get immediately disconnected. I have no logs as of yet because they just reported it and it’s apparently so random I couldn’t get it to happen when testing quickly yesterday afternoon. I’ve asked the users to keep a running record of calls that disconnected and the time it happened. They did say it seems to happen more when the phones are busy but that’s also when you would naturally park more calls so grain of salt there.

Has anyone seen this before or have an idea of what may be causing it? Processor overload?

Is the caller hanging up?

you’ll need to pull the log for an impacted call to see what happened.

no, it disconnects immediately according to the users. They’ve hit park and then immediately checked the parked calls and nothing. The person calls back and reports they were disconnected.

You’ll need to provide asterisk or sip logs of a call that this happens to. The logs should tell us why the call is being dropped.

switched the user from REST Parking to just Park and the issue went away. Haven’t had a chance to dig into why more deeply yet.

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