Calls from local landlines going to old system

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If this need to be posted somewhere else, let me know. I have no idea where to place it.

We have ported 4 phone numbers from Frontier to SIPStation. Each number goes to one of 4 school buildings. Each building has their own FreePBX server.

Calls from cell phones and, I believe long distance, get to our new system (FreePBX) when calling the ported numbers.

When calling any of the ported numbers from local landlines they get sent to the old system message and never get to our FreePBX server.

Any ideas on what’s going on?

I was on a call with Frontier for an hour on Friday and they were adamant that it wasn’t anything on their end.

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Usually a losing carrier needs to flush their local translations tables. That’s why just the losing carrier’s customers are likely still routing “the old way.” Usually a support ticket will clear this up sooner or later with most carriers.

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Thank you for that info.

I’ve called them again and it’s quite the project to even get to the right person/department. They keep wanting to say it’s not a Frontier issue once the number is ported. I’ve already explained to 3 people now that the service works and the issue only happens when Frontier customers call in. Customers of all other phone service providers reach the new system just fine.

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Ok. After a couple hours on the phone, I think we might have this issue figured out. I will update this ticket in case anyone else has this same issue.

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This is standard fare. After 20+ years of porting DID’s it seems as if the losing carrier typically doesn’t clear translations on their side.

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