Calls from External users hang up after 30 seconds or on Hold

Hello, I’ve got an issue with out FreePBX setup that unfortunately I inherited with no training or documentation so I am hoping someone can help and I apologize if I have to ask for help with seemingly simple things like Log collection. I’ve never used FreePBX before, and I’m also pretty bad with command line Linux.

So we have an issue where some of our users calls drop after 30 seconds, or the calls drop if they put some on hold. The users with these issues are our remote uses that use a VOIP Softphone (Bria 5 from Counterpath) to use the system. All these users are remote. Inside our 4 walls everything works normally. Additionally if they are receiving the call, then the call works fine, except if they put the person on hold, then it drops.

All these users are remote, and they aren’t using VPN, and they are reporting that they never used the VPN in the past to get this to work.

I have seen some answers on the community about UDP timeout of the firewall, so I changed that and it did nothing. I’ve also seen some posts about proper port forwarding on the NAT being the issue but I am a little confused about where to where the port forward should be. Am I looking at the Free PBX box directly or at the Session Boarder Controller? I’m not sure the path in and out of the network the traffic should be traveling so I’m not sure where to look.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

This was a topic of discussion some months ago on here

Turns out my issues was an incorrect Public IP address in the SIP settings on the SBC. The organization had changed ISPs before I joined and that was what caused the issue.

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