Calls Dropping

Asterisk: 1.4.19

Hello all, we’re having an odd issue with a client. It seems that their calls are dropping. What I mean is, they’ll have someone that calls them and after 30 seconds or so the call will drop. The person has to call back. Now here’s the problem, the client does not want to monitor what number the call came in on, nor the time that the call came in. (It could very well be happening on calls they place only). They just want us to resolve the issue which is pretty difficult to do without their coorperation.

In any case, they transfer huge files internally. It could be that the bandwidth gets hogged up and then calls drop. The T1 service checks out clean from the provider so we’ve rules that out. In this situation, what advice/tips would you all offer to get this resolved?

Thanks in advance!

If there is not QOS setup on the network and at the internet gateway then transfering huge files will cause problems.

Give them my favorite Example: I can’t get to work because my mode of transportation keeps stopping, please come fix it. and ask them how they would fix it. Getting the details and diagnostics that are available up front saves them huge bills for wasted time.

Is there a program I could run to tell me what kind of traffic they are putting through? I want to be able to determine if that’s the problem…just bandwidth.

If the internet gateway (firewall/router) supports snmp there are several monitoring packages available to do that. Take a look at mrtg which might be installed in the box already (depends on the distro). But with some minor work it will give you usage and and error, packet drop, etc graphing to show what is going on and why.