Calls drop after 30 minutes


Using FreePBX

We’re experimenting calls dropping after 30 minutes.

At first we though the other person was hanging up or bad cell signal (when the other party is on a cell phone) but it doesn’t appear to be the case and also, it always happens at almost precisely 30 minutes.

I don’ know how to troubleshoot for that, and I was wondering if it was a setting / protection somewhere in FreePBX?

Thank you!

you could look at session timers

check out this post

This typically means that you don’t have the correct External and Internal addresses set under Settings → Asterisk SIP settings.

Probably the most common problem that people run into if you search for call drops after 30 seconds.

This is 30 minutes.

A likely cause of a session timers failure is that a router has timed out a NAT or firewall rule. In that case not only would session timers fail, but also BYE, from the same end as the session timer refresh. Even if you disable session timers, you may find that calls don’t clear cleanly from one end.

Oh jeez, I saw the 30 and completed it in my head as seconds. Thanks for the correction.

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