Calls do not disconnect after 10 minutes on outbound trunk

Hello team,

I want to disconnect all calls on a outbound trunk after 10 min playing a short warning message.

Steps I am using:

  1. Created custom trunk with this custom string:


  1. Under [out-custom] context I have:

exten => _X,1,Set(TIMEOUT(absolute)­ =595)
exten => _X,2,Dial(SIP/909909/${EXTEN},L(585000:62000:12000))
exten => _X,3,Hangup

Call would not disconnect and no message is played.

Please advice on what else to try.

Asterisk Asterisk (Ver.;

Thank you.


Generally I find stray spaces in Asterisk dial plan will break things, remove the space before the ‘=’ in line 1. Also, I think your dial command is malformed, these are the lines that worked for me:

Set(TIMEOUT(absolute)=25) dial(<<type/identifier>>,,L(15000:10000:2000):)