Calls disconnected by caller (customer) or callee (agent), how can you tell?


Is there a way in the logs to distinguish between calls where the caller hung up or where the callee hung up?

I have a call centre manager suspicious that the agent (callee) is hanging up on customers.

Thanks in advance.


Using Freepbx
Version 12.7.6-2002-2.sng7

Alternatively a more gui-based approach:

  • COMPLETECALLER (caller hanged up the call first)
  • COMPLETEAGENT (agent hanged up the call first).
    User Guide
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Do you know if completecaller and completeagent are shown in the full log? I’ve had a look and they are not there, neither are they in CDR reports. Are these two terms only used by Asternic?

They are in the queue log, which is separate from the logging streams that can appear in the full log. Information in the full log isn’t really intended for accounting, but rather for direct human consumption.

CDRs, CELs and queue logs are the ones intended for machine processing.

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Thank you!

Thank you comtech.

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