Calls Disconnect When Recording Plays

I’m running FreePBX with Asterisk

It seems that every time a recording tries to play, the call disconnects. For example:

I had it set up for any incoming calls to go to an IVR. Most of the time it would immediately just disconnect. Occasionally if I would reboot it would work for a little while then crap out again.

For the sake of troubleshooting, I set incoming calls to go to an extension, which works every time (even now), but when it goes to VM and plays back the name recording it disconnects. Usually without making a sound, but once I did hear half of the name before it disconnected.

I recorded the VM name though an extension, and the IVR recording was run through SoX. Everything WAS working ok, so I’m not sure if an update got me, or I’m just an idiot. Not sure where to even start looking, and I haven’t seen anything else on the forums. Any thoughts?

Probably because your files are not correct, running through sox can mean anything, it is how you call sox that will make a working recording.

file (a working recording)


file (a not working one)

might help you.

of course watch chmod and chown appropriately if you are working as root.

Are the calls disconnecting or is asterisk crashing. Had a corrupted MOH file that crashed asterisk.