Calls between peered PBX get dropped after 32 seconds

Hi, we are new with installing pbx and are having the dropped calls issue between peered boxes. We used to have a system called Fonality and it all worked perfect. Problem started when we migrated to PBX.

We have PBX1 and PBX2. All incoming to PBX1 or PBS directly work fine.

Problem is calling extension on other PBX or when an incoming call gets routed to the other PBX.

It will drop after 30 seconds if calling between the PBX or 32 seconds if its an incoming call.

VEGA 100 → PBX1 → Sonicwall 1 → Internet → Sonicwall 2 → PBX2

We have a VPN between both firewalls and all ports are forwarded correctly.

This is going to be a firewall issue. Sonocwall has bruised many an ego… this may be out of date but helpful

Also @GSnover who originally posted that may have advice

Thank you James. I tried this and no luck.

Narrowed it down to calls being dropped only from PBX1 → PBX2.

The other way around call do not get dropped.

So I played some more with Sonicwall and it was the problem. I was using a separate IP for PBX1 instead of the Sonicwall. Once I changed it calls are no longer dropping.



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