Calling regular numbers works, 311 & 911 doesn't

My apologies in advance if this is simple - I did a quick search and didn’t find anything specific. I am trying to set up 311 to work using FreePBX/voicepulse in New York. Feel free to kick me in the right direction and I will figure it out myself, I don’t expect a spoonfed answer. Scarily enough, 911 does the same thing. I have a separate emergency route set up with emergency checked for 911, but it gives me the same problem as 311.

Here is an example of a 311 call failing.

Here is an example of a standard call succeeding.

On the 311 call that fails, I am stopped at this section, which confuses me on how to continue.

-- Got SIP response 500 "Nice try" back from
-- SIP/VP-SIPJFKA-00001f5a is circuit-busy
  == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/1/0)

Here is the outbound route setup I am using.

First things first your emergency route needs to be moved ahead of your normal route in priority. Secondly who is your provider not all of them support 311

means your provider won’t route the call.

For 911 you need to legally contract for any e.911 service they can provide by DID (if they can and will provide it because it expensive for them, and it’s a liability thing for both them and you ).

311 will likely never work as it is even more expensive for the carrier to provide and support in the non parochial world of voip, check with them though.

In this case I feel it may be best for me to open a ticket with Voicepulse and see what’s up. They’ve been very helpful in the past and I’ll make sure to report back here whatever I find incase someone else runs into a similar issue.

Thank you very much dicko and xpiramental for the insight!

Here is what I received when I submitted a ticket to Voicepulse. It seems that unless you sign up for their cloud services or new FIVE trunking program, no 911 for you. :frowning:

[quote] Dec 28, 09:05 ,We
do not support e911 on the legacy platform that you are on. Though if
you wish to migrate over to our replacement SIP Trunking platform you
will be able to us e911.I have attached further details on our new platform below.The pricing differences on the FIVE Business Gateway are as follows:DIDs (telephone numbers) cost $2 per month compared to $11Channels are free of charge compared to $20Gateways, trunks, and endpoints are free compared to $25Outbound call rates are still 2 cents per minute Inbound rates are 1 cent per minute, they were previously included in the cost of the DIDYou can see the rates on our site at this link:

Below are just some of the new features you will find on FIVE:E911 has been added to FIVE, no E911 is available on our traditional SIP serviceBilling thresholds can be customized to minimize exposure of a compromised PBX or credentialsYou can add multiple user accessAccount verification has been simplifiedCall Flows allow you to create rules like routing calls to multiple PBXsYou can find additional articles on VoicePulse Five at let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you with anything else.