Calling number works, but as a customer extension, it doest

If I dial a phone number directly it works. However if I create a custom extension and ad the dial string in the dial option, it doesnt work. It used to work but then stopped. I looked at the logs and the app_dial.c is exactly the same, except when it is a custom extention, I get chan_sip.c: Received response: “Forbidden” from ‘“Desk” sip:[email protected];tag=as003be5c9’

Thank you

out of curiosity, why are you using a custom extension?

Post the custom extensions that you use.

It is a custom extension created using freepbx. It has a dial string of SIP/XXXXX/18005551212

I am using that so I can have a follow me to a landline



if you are using freepbx, why would you not create a virtual extension and set the follow me in it? i must be missing something here.

Do what dicko suggested.

Consider it also as a value added “speed dial”