Calling Logs?

hello is it possible to see a list of all the incoming and out going phone numbers time and dates that they have called?

If your CDR database is set up correctly, you should be able to pull that up under “Reports.”

Hello Cynjut what is the CDR database and how do i access it? Is it possible to access it from a Web GUI?

The CDR database is (usually) a database called asteriskcdrdb on the local machine’s MySQL. The CDR table is, surprisingly enough, called ‘cdr’.

If you are not using a MySQL cdr database and are instead logging all of your calls to a CSV file, that is in /var/spool/asterisk/cdr{something}/Master-cdr.csv, IIRC.

Just to make your life more interesting, all of this can be changed in the GUI for FreePBX, so there you go.

If you look under “Reports” on the FreePBX GUI you should find a “CDR Log” entry. It will have your CDR information in it.

It is not for me It is for my Boss he would like to see all the calls.

Whatever you need. Just letting you know how to do it. Don’t take this wrong, but I don’t care about “Why”. I’m all about the “here you go”

I here you man. I’m the same way but you know about bosses lol