Calling in with a URL link instead of a phone number?

Our NGO organisation (an educational call-in show) is migrating from 3cx. So far, FreePBX looks spectacular and much more feature-rich. However, we are missing one functionality. In 3cx, we could share a link with potential callers who, for some reason, are unable to or prefer not to call us using a phone number.
Upon clicking that link, they are directed to a very simple interface with two buttons: Call (which we care about) or Chat (which we do not). When clicking “Call”, the person is connected with the queue to the screener, just as if he/she was calling our phone number from a regular phone. They do not have to install any plugins. Just need a basic browser to call us.

Is there a way to replicate this functionality with FreePBX? Some googling showed me " WebRTC Softphone module now available for FreePBX" but it looks like something for our screeners, not an outside person wanting to call us.

A WebRTC soft phone is what you would need. You will have to careful as, whilst the one you serve may only be able to call a single number, you will be giving access and credentials that would allow any number to be called, given that you don’t control the browser, so cannot stop the user getting inside your soft phone.

The browser needs to be an up to date graphical browser, not a “basic browser”.

We need the link to be available to anyone who clicks it, without giving out any login details or ability to call anywhere else but us.

You will need an account on FreePBX for the call.

Locking it down to prevent a call back out to the PSTN should be possible, but I don’t know FreePBX well enough to be sure of giving a watertight solution.

In principle you could use a raw web-socket to your web server, for the media, and then use SIP from there to Asterisk, but I suspect you may have to code that, whereas I think you will find an off the shelf SIP WebRTC phone, that can probably be configured for dedicated calling.

Hmm, I am surprised there is not a built-in solution since this is quite a useful feature and built into 3cx.

Prebuilt solution: Online Call - Subscription plans (

Build it: WebRTC tutorial using SIPML5 - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Putting The Web into WebRTC - YouTube

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