Calling in to the PBX, typing a number, and calling out as the PBX

I’ve been thinking about the times when you’re not in the office, and are using a VoIP app to recieve your PBX calls. This post is for those times where there is no mobile signal or WiFi.

For incoming calls, I would probably set up a queue to fail over to a ring group, and have my ring groups either hunt and include my mobile number, or set the destination if no answer to the misc destination of my mobile number. There may be better ways to do that, but it should still work.

However if I would like to call the customer back while still having no data, while showing as the outgoing PBX phone number? Now that seems tricky.

My current thoughts are that within the first IVR, I could have a secret IVR entry with a 4 digit number which acts like a password. This would then route me to some facility where I could enter the phone number I want to call, and then it would call that number using the same outbound route as if I had called that number from the VoIP app. I hope I am making sense.

I haven’t a clue how I could actually achieve that, or if there is a better way. Hmmm…

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. I did Google first but couldn’t find anything, and I’ve probably passed that option hundreds of times and never knew it was hidden there. Thanks again, time to play!

Are there any sip clients that can do this automatically without having to manually type in the numbers?

Only if they know what the number is. If they do, then it’s a ‘no brainer’

Not sure what you are asking. DISA is unrelated to SIP. There are many “calling card” apps that can be configured so when you dial a number, it will call your PBX (as a mobile voice call), wait for answer, dial the PIN and then the destination number.

Some SIP apps such as Groundwire (and I assume Sangoma Connect) can be configured to rewrite numbers as desired, including mobile voice calls. I don’t know whether they can be configured to try a SIP call first, but fail over to mobile voice with DISA.

On most mobile devices, you can program a Contact to call a DISA number, then send PIN and destination number.

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