Calling external phone numbers using VoiceMail Notification

I am using VM Notify on a FreePBX system that only uses PSTN trunks and a Sangoma Vega50 FXO gateway. When the VM Notify calls out to external phone numbers the custom initial greeting recording gets chopped off somewhere between 10 to 25 seconds into it. When VM Notify calls internal SIP extensions the entire initial greeting is heard no problem.

Is there any way to get the custom initial greeting recording to play correctly for external phone numbers over the FXO gateway? The amount of the greeting that gets cut off varies from phone number to phone number dialed. So far I am repeating the greeting twice so that external numbers will at least hear the greeting the 2nd time around, but I am hoping for a better solution if there is one.

Thank you,

Noel Honigsfeld
Molokai Hawaii

Take a look at “Outbound Dial Prefix” on your DAHDI trunk.