Calling Extension to Extension Tones

I have a strange occurrence that is annoying my users. When one extension calls another extension, the system is configured so that the extension rings (not intercom). The user answers the call using their SPEAKER PHONE, they have a conversation with the calling party, the conversation ends and the CALLER hangs up, the extension that was called then hears three or four busy signal tones over their speaker before it disconnects.

This only happens when calling extension to extension and it only happens if the user being called answers with their speaker phone.

Any ideas on what is causing this and how to stop it?

This would be a setting on the specific model phone you are using.

Do you know where I would find that setting and what it would be called?

No since you haven’t revealed what kind of phones you are using.

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Apologies…Sangoma S505’s.

Maybe one of the Sangoma guys can chime in here… I don’t use those phones

Find in your Endpoint Manager template: option Remote Disconnect


That was it! Thank you!

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